The T. Jazelle H.E.L.P. Collection was created and inspired to do just that, to HELP make a difference & give back. We wanted to create jewelry but for each piece to have a PURPOSE. Each bracelet not only holds a meaning but $2 from every sale will be donated to multiple causes around the world through GlobalGiving. From Animal Awareness to Children, Environment and Protecting and Preserving our Oceans. We know that together and with your H.E.L.P. we can make a difference.


There's only one Earth in this entire universe and it's up to us to protect it, nurture it and love it.  So beautiful and strong, yet fragile and delicate, our environment deserves as much love as each and every one of us can share.  The Earth is truly the one thing each and every one of us can all say we share in common. 


We love our pets here at T. Jazelle! Animals are our best friends & our companions who bring so much joy into our lives. Here at T. Jazelle, we knew we needed to help our furry friends in need and do what we can to make a difference.


Family is everything to us here at T. Jazelle and our little ones are the future of the world. There are so many children in the world who need our help and we want to strive to make a difference for them.


The Ocean is our heart and soul here at T. Jazelle, being based on Cape Cod, MA the Ocean is a huge part of us and our inspiration. For all the sea does for us we want to do what we can and do our part to protect and preserve it!


This season we will be distributing our total charitable funds generated to the 4 amazing funds listed below.  That's the beauty of our H.E.L.P. Collection.  They're not just bracelets. They're bracelets that give back!